Employee Story: Female, age 49

[The following real life report, containing no identifying personal information, was provided to Relph Benefit Advisors from the Nurse Advocacy program associated with our Lead²Health platform to demonstrate the impact of one life changed.]
49 year old femalewith hypertension. Member feels she has high blood pressure because of stress and being overweight. Member was also concerned about her cholesterol, GI symptoms and her future if she continued “down this unhealthy path”.
She agreed to start working with her Care Coordinator. Member initially advised her Care Coordinator that she was strongly considering a gastric bypass in order to lose the weight.
woman exercise weight lossIn the weeks working with her Care Coordinator she has made significant changes in her diet. She made the following changes:
  • Eliminated all soda
  • Reduced processed foods
  • Starting carrying lunch to work
  • Increased fruits and vegetables in her daily diet

Exercise was nearly impossible due to a painful condition in both feet.  The Care Coordinator assessed this issue and became concerned about the amount of Tylenol she was taking. After going over a list of questions for member to discuss with her doctor, the pain meds were adjusted; orthotics and more supportive shoes were prescribed along with a topical pain reliever. As a result member is able to walk and do exercise tapes without pain.

Other successes include:

  • Weight loss of 15 pounds
  • Triglyceride level went down by 100 points
  • Cholesterol down to normal limits

At this point, this member feels she can lose the weight without a gastric bypass! The Care Coordinator plans to continue to work with this member to transition the health coaching to ASH.

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