Meet Paula.

HR Exec benefitsPaula is a people person. No, really, lots of people. She gets a sense of satisfaction from helping people find their niche in her company. She likes providing training to make them more effective at their jobs, and providing the right environment for them – and the company – to succeed.
Paula loves to offer a great benefits package, but lately there's a part of it that has become a real bear... She can't find a healthcare solution that:
  • Addresses employee needs – to attract top talent
  • Encourages healthy lifestyles – to help build a culture of health
  • And makes financial sense – to please the CFO
Perhaps Paula's questions are the same as yours. Find out what kinds of answers she has discovered:
  • How can I find a benefits firm I trust, to keep me well-advised? Then I would feel confident of our plans.
    Talk to clients of Relph Benefit Advisors and learn that Benefits Relief means many things including cutting edge strategic planning for healthcare as well as proactive advice on legislative changes affecting your plans. Whether it’s examining a value based benefits strategy, integration of employee wellness incentives or understanding the implications of healthcare reform, Relph Benefits Advisors has a history of providing confidence inspiring advice to our valued clients.
  • I believe Wellness programs are important—our employees would be healthier & feel more energized, but how do I actually get started? 
    Opportunities for various “wellness plans” exist everywhere; however building a true Culture of Health requires carefully planning from the very first step. Our internal Health and Productivity team will help you to design a measurable and outcome based plan using our “Roadmap to Wellness” An evidence based and measurable approach to employee health and wellness will assist in gaining executive level support for these activities.
  • I’m not an insurance expert, so I would feel supported if someone would help with communicating our benefits, but can they be MY ally and deliver MY message, not just promote their own products?
    Your message and your culture are paramount in designing a solid communication plan for your benefit programs. Relph Benefit Advisors takes time to understand what you want to communicate and how the message should be delivered. We are experts at taking complex and sometimes difficult subjects like increasing healthcare costs and distilling them into understandable terms that encourage employee understanding and engagement.
  • Open enrollment is a major headache in so many ways—how can we make it easier and less painful for everyone?
    It doesn’t have to be this way! A properly planned and executed open enrollment with Relph Benefit Advisors should feel like a relief compared from going it alone. Custom designed enrollment materials, employee group presentations, one-on-one employee meetings and scrubbing of paperwork provides you significant relief in this area.
  • Keeping up with COBRA, ARRA, HIPAA, FMLA - not to mention Healthcare Reform - it's crazy! Can someone just help me with this?
    Every year the task of legal compliance becomes more difficult and the implications for non-compliance more severe. With legal experts on retainer focusing solely on ERISA Welfare Benefit Plans, not only do we have a process for clients to remain in compliance with current laws, we proactively advise clients of what they will be facing in the future. Our benefits attorney on retainer from the offices of Proskauer Rose focuses exclusively on ERISA Welfare Benefit plans and has extensive knowledge of healthcare reform as it has been enacted in the state of Massachusetts - which has formed the basis for much of the national legislation.
  • I know I’m wasting valuable staff hours on the non-stop stream of administrative busywork, processing new hires, terms and changes, but how else can I make sure it gets done right?
    Understanding the need in this area, Relph Benefit Advisors designed our 1Point Services to absorb the increasingly complex transactional tasks involved in day-to-day benefit plan administration, leveraging your staff’s professionals talents and skills into other areas of importance.
2015 Wealth of Health Award Winner

Focusing on health coaching, healthy lunches & walking meetings...

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