Navigate the Rugged Benefits Landscape with our Guide to Relief
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Client Testimonials

"Relph Benefit Advisors was the best thing we ever did. They know what's out there in the market, and their projections are always right on the money. We attempted to bid out health insurance and some benefit administration services...and were not surprised to find Relph's extensive expertise is unique in the marketplace."
Jennifer DeFrank, VP of HR
Catskill Regional Medical Center
"Thanks to Relph, open enrollment is no longer the 'dreaded nightmare'."
Ruth Johnson, VP of HR
Hudson Valley Hospital Center
"Relph Benefit Advisors matches the needs of our employees with the most affordable benefit plans available. They continually seek out new approaches to employee communication and support."
Kevin Smith, Exective Director
Seneca Cayuga ARC
Our clients like to speak for themselves.

So we thought we would let them…
As you can imagine, we were particularly pleased with what Lynn had to say. Thanks, Lynn, we love working with you, too!
"Relph Benefit Advisors provides the best plans for us and goes well above the call of duty... It has been a pleasure working with them!"
Lynn Domboski, Director of HR
Matrix Integrated Facility Mgmt


  • Over 150 years combined experience of principals & acct mgmt
  • All principals earned REBC (Registered Employee Benefits Consultant) designation
  • Direct access to best-in-class legal, actuarial, medical and Rx departments through Benefit Advisors Network affiliation


  • Developed Lead²Health platform— ‘Large Company’ cost control strategies for mid-sized companies
  • Invested in technology early to develop 1Point concept & HRIS
  • Unique comprehensive solution among independent agencies:
    • Strategic Risk Management
    • Communication & Education; Complete Enrollment process
    • Population Health Management
    • 1Point of Relief year-round

And Relief.

Some benefits professionals have experience, a few drive innovation, but fewer still have experience & innovation resting on a cultural commitment to offering the client relief. Culture isn’t mandated or bought, it is modeled and caught. Products and services can be copied, but culture is any company’s most unique asset. So relax, you’re in good company—the benefits relief company.

A ‘Culture of Relief’

It's In Our Blood.
We know that when you offer benefits to your employees, there's a lot riding on your decision. It's about reputation, credibility—character. You're making a commitment to them, a promise. And you need a benefit advisor who shares that commitment, in whose character you have confidence.
The lifeblood of our company has always been a passion to offer relief to our clients. It's in our blood. And it's for your benefit.

A ‘Culture of Relief’.
Does your Advisor have horsepower?

Can they deliver the performance you need?

The old model just doesn't work anymore—the local broker dropping off annual rate increases or the property insurance agency that also does benefits won’t cut it.
Relationships, and the strategic value they bring, are critical to success. The members of Benefit Advisors Network, the premier national network of independent employee benefit firms, share investment in state of the art technology, human capital and expertise to deliver optimum results for our clients.
Get the power to go the distance.

National Resources, Local Attention & Expertise

  • Deliver national account capacity for employers with multiple locations, including access to medical managed care coverage for employers who have employees in locations throughout U.S.
    Benefit Advisors Network's model makes it unique. While the regional offices of national, publicly traded brokerage houses must compete with one another and answer to shareholders' priorities, the Smart Partners® of Benefit Advisors Network are at liberty to draw from one another's expertise and answer only to you, the client. To find out more about Benefit Advisors Network, visit

Industry Leading Platform Tools

  • Electronic Enrollment Technology
  • HRIS Administration Systems
    • HIPAA-compliant secure communication portal
  • Health Care Claims Data Mining Software
    • Verisk (D2Explorer/D2Hawkeye)
  • Employer Benefits Benchmarking Tool to compare benefits with other employers in the industry, marketplace, or nationally


In-House Subject Matter Experts

  • Medical Director on staff
  • Pharmacy Benefits Management Program/Pharmacy Director on staff
  • Best of breed Compliance Program including
    • Free monthly Legal & Compliance webinars
    • Access to nationally recognized legal counsel

Leveraged Size & Footprint

  • BAN is the premier consortium of independent brokers who can leverage their combined size to bring employers the right solutions at competitive prices. Together representing 10,000 employer groups and 8.5 million employees.
Birds of a Feather

When you aspire to be at the top of your field, you naturally seek out like minded colleagues to learn from and to share with. Benefit Advisors Network was conceived with exactly that in mind.
It has since taken on a life of its own, with 33 member agencies all sharing intellectual and technical resources, as well as the bargaining power of more than 8.5 million employees represented.

Stick together.
Any idea how your health plan got here?

For that matter, where is “here”?

Even with your hands on the wheel, if you’re driving without a destination and with no guidance, you could end up anywhere. And once you’re there, your options may be rather...uninviting.
Today’s benefits landscape is constantly shifting, and your employees may appear to be driven to choices beyond your control. Unnecessary emergency room visits, non-compliance of prescription regimens, unhealthy lifestyles—a host of factors can take you off the beaten path.
That’s why you need a plan...

Comprehensive Analysis

  • Organizational Demographic makeup
    Statistically, factors such as age, gender and geographic region correlate with known healthcare cost trends, so understanding the dynamics at work in your organization simply makes sense. This data can provide a window into the level of risk you face, so you can plan accordingly.
  • Organizational contribution philosophy
    What type of benefits enrollment behavior are you encouraging by the way you have structured your contribution towards benefit costs? Do you know? Is it by design? We help you clarify what you intend to accomplish and ensure that your contribution structure fits those objectives.
  • Enrollment dispersion
    Depending on your contribution philosophy, you may be paying different amounts for a Single enrollee than for a 2-Person or Family, so having an understanding of how many you have enrolled in each tier could have a significant impact on your financial decisions. Furthermore, if you need to make a fundamental shift in your philosophy or your plan, you need to know how many people it will affect, and in what ways, so you can communicate effectively, preparing people, with minimal disruption, for the changes ahead. We make sure these issues are part of building and implementing your strategic plan.
  • Geographical availability of plans
    The geographical footprint of each carrier's network of providers affects the viability of plan options and has direct ramifications for your communication and education efforts. Relph Benefit Advisors has clients across NY State, and has performed these analyses to become intimately aware of the strengths and weaknesses of all the carriers' networks, by region. We provide customized reports to make sure you are considering the most appropriate plan options. And we will help educate and guide your employees through whatever network changes occur as a result of the strategic plans you decide to implement.
  • Carrier analysis of available plans
    Sourcing (or "marketing") a medical plan is a complex process, with many, many options to understand and compare. Each carrier offers many variations and styles of plan, depending on the unique needs of the client. With the experience of over 22 years helping employers find the right medical plans, we know how to explain the options to you and help you find the plans that fit your needs - at the most competitive prices.
  • Encourage employee consumerism
    Regardless of the specific plan options your executive team ultimately decides on, employees today are clearly being asked to understand and control more of the healthcare cost equation than ever. Fortunately, people already know how to be consumers - they find the best options for themselves on a whole range of goods and services all the time. They just need to be taught how to be consumers of health care! Through engaging group meetings, attractive and clear print communication pieces, and personal enrollment meetings, we educate your employees to make them better consumers of healthcare goods and services - for their sake as well as for yours. A sales representative would be happy to review these materials and presentations with you during a personal presentation of our business model.

Risk Tolerance Analysis

  • Predictive modeling
    Using baseline information about your plan, and realistic source data about the plan options you are considering, we are able to present you with different scenarios so you can see how various choices will impact your overall outlook.
  • Health Risk Assessment
    Health Risk Assessments provide a window into the health of your population (both present & likely future). These offer extremely valuable insights that can help clarify the extent of your risk - and even help indicate ways to mitigate that risk. Relph Benefit Advisors has partnered with Mayo Clinic Health Solutions to provide its clients with Mayo Clinic's world class Health Assessment. Using an independent vendor allows, among other benefits, the freedom to select the most appropriate carrier solution without the concern about losing historical Health Assessment data.
  • Benchmarking
    Another valuable perspective
  • Claims Analysis Tool
  • Verisk (formerly D2Hawkeye)
  • Medical Director on staff
  • Rx Analysis
  • Pharmacy Director on staff
  • Actuarial services

Leverage Marketplace

  • Often requires complex solution
  • Multiple carriers
  • New plan designs
  • Alternative funding strategies
  • Revised contribution structure

Effective Change Management

  • 20+ years' experience assisting employees with change
  • 20+ years' experience assisting employers with change
Be Advised.

When the hard choices come, you won't be on your own, unprepared, unaware, or unable. You'll have your facts straight and your direction clear. You'll be ready.
Because you will have thoroughly analyzed the factors that come to bear on the success of your benefits plan. And with a Relph Benefit Advisor by your side, you will have reached sound conclusions and developed a strategy suited for your business goals.

Be advised.
Can you see what’s ahead in your claims?

Or is it a little…hazy?

Your employee population may appear perfectly healthy. Your "ship" didn't run aground on a cancer diagnosis or take on water from a diabetic coma or two this year. But that was this year.
Are you at the mercy of what's submerged beneath the waterline? Or is there some way to peek into the possible future health events of your population—and change course if you don't like what you see?
Our Wellness strategy ties Health Assessment data to incentives through engaging healthy lifestyle programs. Health and vitality for your employees, productivity and loyalty for you.
Feel free to avoid the icebergs.

Proactive Approach

  • Calendar of PHM activities
  • Promotional resources
    • Postcards to drive site familiarity
    • Posters, flyers, table tents, email templates
  • Advice on wellness initiatives and incentives

Wellness Resources from Mayo Clinic Health Solutions

  • Mayo Clinic Health Assessments
    • Track progress year after year
    • Focus wellness efforts based on results
  • Mayo Clinic EmbodyHealth
    • Online personal health management resource
    • Customized information based on Health Assessment results
    • Personalized Action Plan
  • Regular communication to maintain engagement
  • Group and individual online programs
    • Promote healthy lifestyle change
    • Reporting to link participation to benefits

Strategic Planning Tool

  • Retain Health Assessment data regardless of carrier
  • Access to Mayo Clinic benchmarking data

Rolling out of bed in the morning, you can feel it—and you know they feel it too. Healthy, motivated employees. What a kick!
Health experts have been bemoaning the sad trends toward unhealthy lifestyles for years. Now the CFO is bemoaning the budget as well.
But you have decided to do something about it. Good for you—and the CFO.

Trouble switching direction in benefits?

How do you get your people to think & act differently?

You could offer great new medical plans that would meet all your employees' needs and save your company a ton of money at the same time.
But if people don't understand the value, they'll most likely stick with what they've got.
With a thorough knowledge of benefits and with your strategic goals in mind, we use helpful tools, illustrations and a professional, engaging delivery to help get your employees onboard. 
Keep your plans on track.

Integration & Extension of Risk Management Strategy

  • Discuss carrier network availability
    Your executive team will take this into consideration when building a strategic plan and deciding what carrier(s) to use—but the employees need to understand what’s going on or they will be confused and unhappy. With clear explanations and helpful advice delivered professionally, in person, your employees will be much better prepared to make the arrangements that make the most sense for them and their families.
  • Present benefit plan changes
  • Show cost comparison
  • Educate on Rx plan usage
  • Identify trends in marketplace
  • Prepare employees to face changing expectations

Unified Approach

  • Accountability to Relph "Culture of Relief"
  • Ease employee adoption of change
  • Professional, engaging presentations
  • Message delivered by Relph Benefit Advisors vs. carriers
    • Avoid carrier focus on single product line
    • Objective comparison of all plans on merits
    • Incorporate & amplify employer message

Personalized Enrollment Packet

  • Review of currently enrolled plans & costs
  • Plan benefit comparison document for employee consideration
  • Distribution provides fulfillment of compliance requirements
You're Not Alone.

Building a workforce that understands its role in healthcare costs is daunting on your own. Insurance plans are complex, and the terminology and concepts are foreign to many of your employees.
With industry veterans and great communicators at your back, you can lead on, confident that your message will get through. People will understand—and act on—the strategies you labored to create.

You're not alone.
Wasting time stuck in Open Enrollment?

Don't you have better things to do?
We know, just like the morning commute—it isn't pleasant, and it seems like a waste of time, but somehow you have to get through it… Your employees need their benefits!
Relph Benefit Advisors knows these roads like the back of our hand, and we're out ahead, directing the traffic with clarity and experience. So we can help you avoid unnecessary setbacks.

Relax…you work, we'll drive.

Personal One-on-One Sessions

  • Licensed enrollers
  • Knowledgeable & experienced
  • Able to answer questions
    Many employees express to our clients what a great help it is to them to be able to sit down directly with licensed insurance agents who are qualified and prepared to answer their questions. Our enrollers are familiar with each case and with the carriers and plans offered, as well as with many of the "in's and out's" of the Enrollment Processing, so they are able to expedite and facilitate better.
  • Not biased toward a particular product or solution
  • Enrollers accountable to Relph Benefit Advisors
    • "Culture of Relief"
    • Flexible, low-key approach

Laptop Enrollment

  • Benefit statements issued beforehand
  • Employee information report produced on site for review
    This report serves to catch as many discrepancies in the field as possible to avoid time-consuming follow-up efforts during Enrollment Processing. But it also serves another valuable purpose — to reinforce the message to each employee about how much their employer is contributing to their benefits, especially those amounts that typically don't get noticed. This is a valuable link from the employer to the employee that builds appreciation and loyalty.]
  • Online enrollment available

You won't believe it. You've never felt like this at the end of an open enrollment period. But you've never done an enrollment like THIS before.
We know...we've been at it for over 20 years. Open enrollment really is a nightmare, with all of its unforeseen disasters and the added burden it places on staff to orchestrate it. Our licensed professional enrollers, on site with the latest technology and plenty of experience, can change all that.

Wake up refreshed.
Tracking all your enrollment paperwork?

Got it shipped off? On time? Error-free?
Just looking at those teetering stacks of apps and affidavits, forms and statements can make you queasy. Then you realize you actually have to know where all this stuff goes and by when.
You don't really have time for all that. Relph Benefit Advisors manages the open enrollment process so we eliminate many of the errors upfront. Those we don't eliminate we catch with our audits—and we take care of those. 

Get out of logistics and back into HR.

Done Right, Done On Time

  • Integrated with enrollment process for optimal results
  • Sophisticated double-check of paperwork
  • Applications entered online to expedite process
  • Audit changes to ensure accurate new plan year payroll run
    We perform a three-way audit to make sure all sources of data are in accord. We audit the carrier's bill against our database to make sure all changes from the enrollment were entered and received properly, Once we know our system agrees with the carrier as to who is enrolled, we then audit the employer's payroll deduction list against our system's per-pay calculation to make sure the employer will be deducting the right amounts for the right people.
  • Research discrepancies
  • Allows timely issuing of carrier member cards

It'll actually be nice to not have a knot in your stomach from thinking about what has to be done after open enrollment ends. Just picture the cavalry riding over the hill, or the knight in shining armor.
When the dust settles, after open enrollment is done, our process really comes to the rescue. Built-in double checking and audits ensure an accurate first payroll run, so you miss out on a lot of belly aching.

Gaps in compliance?

Worried something might fall through the cracks?

You know there are serious pitfalls in compliance, but all the laws, updates, guidance, definitions, and tests are difficult to decipher. Where do you begin & what do you ask?
When you find that a colleague is handling things differently than you would, where do you turn to have your questions answered by someone who really knows? And then, how do you practically implement?
We can help. Relph Benefit Advisors retains a nationally recognized ERISA attorney, with access to numerous compliance resources, allowing us to bridge the gap. 
Don't throw caution to the wind.

Compliance Resources

  • Nationally recognized ERISA/Benefits attorneys on retainer
    • Get answers in hours, not days
    • Plan document review and preparation
  • Comprehensive compliance review

Relph Benefit Advisors stays educated on compliance issues

  • Monthly compliance seminars for employers

Included Documentation & Notices

  • Women's Rights documentation
  • Medicare Part D notification & integration
  • 5500's & SAR's
  • COBRA notices
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Summary of Material Modifications (SMM)
    • Distributed each year
    • Included automatically in Enrollment Packet
Nothing To Hide

Just think how you'll feel when the IRS or DOL comes knocking—and there's no cause for alarm. You needn't lie awake at night, worrying about something you might have missed.
That's because you did your homework. You passed the test. You found Relph Benefit Advisors, a team with national resources and local expertise. We will make sure all your compliance bases are covered.

Nothing to hide.
Still doing benefits admin the hard way?

A bit rough on productivity?

Plowing through the daily mound of hiring, terminating, and life-change transactions drains HR man-hours, presents significant compliance risks, and provides little strategic value.
You may cover the same ground three or four times—enter it in payroll, the benefits system, generate COBRA letters, then again for each carrier and letter you have to send. And even experienced staff often make mistakes that can put you in the ditch.
1Point, our fully integrated payroll and benefits management system, allows you to enter it once and leave the rest to our 1Point Team. Now that's smooth…
Choose the road paved with relief.
Not exactly associated with complex, tedious Employee Benefit Administration. Today's sophisticated plans and tight regulations tie your employees up with tasks rather than focusing on your strategic objectives.
1Point changes all that. Update both payroll and benefits in real time through one convenient point of data entry, enabling our 1Point Team to manage all the other "stuff". That's simplicity.

On April 14, 2011, the President signed the Comprehensive 1099 Taxpayer Protection Act, followed by

Discover how your company could benefit from a Group Medical Captive from Relph Benefit Advisors.

Following a serious auto injury, see how he was able to move forward, with help.

These business owners and leaders have been practicing (and seeing the successful results of) workplace wellness.

We teamed up to offer our clients the same programs & Health Assessment used by Mayo clients!