wellness plan welcoa stepsHow do you know where to go if you don't even know where you are?!?! To begin to get your bearings and find your way, a knowledgeable guide with a trusty map is what you need. And that's what Relph Benefit Advisors has, available for every client, every day, as part of our normal business model.

  • An evidence-based, proactive approach to actively manage & improve the health of your employees
  • Tools that actually ENGAGE the entire population
  • Continuous support & professional consultation to drive success


mayo clinic health solutions logoWorld-Class: Mayo Clinic Health Solutions


We didn't head out into the Wellness wilderness all alone. We teamed up with world renowned medical pioneer Mayo Clinic to forge a successful new business model, allowing us to offer our clients the same Health Assessment used by Mayo Clinic Health Solutions' Fortune-500 clients, and access to the same, extremely powerful web site. Our clients' employees access the same lifestyle change programs, based on the stages of "readiness to change", and guided by the results of each individual's Health Assessment.

  • Health Assessments
  • Access to benchmarking data
  • Stage-based behavior change programs
  • Full reporting capabilities - Group & Cohorts
  • Customized marketing materials


Following a serious auto injury, see how he was able to move forward, with help.

Nondiscrimination regulations require that employee benefits are applied...

We teamed up to offer our clients the same programs & Health Assessment used by Mayo clients!

Discover how your company could benefit from a Group Medical Captive 

See how she avoided drastic gastric bypass surgery in favor of lifestyle change.