Working in concert with your value-based benefits plan is the development of a customized wellness strategy.

  • An evidence-based, proactive approach to actively manage & improve the health of your employees
  • Tools that actually ENGAGE the entire population
  • Continuous support & professional consultation to drive success


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Your employees will access the same lifestyle change programs, based on the stages of "readiness to change", and guided by the results of each individual's Health Assessment.

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  • Health Assessments
  • Access to benchmarking data
  • Six pillars of Wellness that can positively impact your overall health
  • A personalized plan with interactive tools to individually track progress
  • Full reporting capabilities - Group & Cohorts
  • Customized marketing materials




In order to build a culture of wellness in an organization, it's important to be clear about what wellness means...

Experts agree: Accomplishing your benefit plan objectives requires successful employee communication.

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